Vegan Sanctuary Spotlight | GLO Farm Sanctuary

Article By Kali Nelson “I admire everyone who does what is right for the animals, even when that comes at a heavy personal cost.”  Even as a child, Ali Valentine’s connection to animals was a big part of her life. She believed animals deserve better, and as a result, she was raised vegetarian. Later in life, she cut out eggs and …

Vegan Sanctuary Spotlight | Arion Therapeutic Farm

Article By Taryn Szedlak At Arion Therapeutic Farm in Kelowna, BC, there is something special about everyone. That’s why founder Heather Henderson took her time choosing the name and logo. “Arion is Greek mythology – unique and more symbolic. In the logo, the right leg has a hand instead of a hoof” says Heather. “The hand represents special needs and …

Why I Call Myself Vegan *Not Plant-based

By Zoe Peled Founder | Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre (VVRC) BOD | People Ensuring Animal Care Exists (P.E.A.C.E.) I have some qualms about the term “plant-based”. Though we have seen a few versions of the term in discourse, for the sake of consistency in this piece, I am going to remove the quotations and use the hyphenated spelling.

What Is Sanctuary?

– sanc·tu·ar·y /ˈsaNGk(t)SHəˌwerē/ noun noun: sanctuary; plural noun: sanctuaries 1.1. a place of refuge or safety. “his sons took sanctuary in the church” – My story of sanctuary is not pretty.  I did not follow my own advice when becoming a sanctuary.  The word never entered my head, let alone the ponderance of its meaning.